Art does not stand still and encompasses many domains. Many domains are artistic: art but also interior design, travel, gastronomy, fashion and nature fall under the heading of art for me. What are you interested in? Follow the trade and walk in De Tuin Der Kunsten closely.

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Collaboration with artist Marc Rubenska & Maydayscuriousgallery
We are pleased to announce that from now on we have a great collaboration with with works of art by Marc Rubenska. Follow our website and see which works of art we have by the artist Marc Rubenska. Marc...
The Garden of the Arts will participate in the Dutch living and interior design event of the Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein on Sunday, February 4.
Super nice news for our Dutch customers and followers! Because... We have been selected to participate in the living and interior design event of the Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein. This interior design trade fair will take place on Sunday, February 4...
Open weekends in November 2023
It will be open again in November. Once again this year, works by an artist will be presented among the art and decoration collages of De Tuin Der Kunsten. If you come by and bring a friend, acquaintance or family...
Big news: The Garden of the Arts opens pop-up in Bruges

From August 28 to September 29 De Tuin Der Kunsten, together with Moett Lighting & Interior, opens a pop-up in the heart of Bruges.

We warmly welcome you!

Daily from 10 am to 6 pm - Academiestraat 14, 8000 Bruges.

Obsidian figurines of the Mayan culture
Every week I take you on my journey. Looking for unique art and decoration pieces. This time we are in South America, with the Mayans… Mayan figurines in black obsidian were important artifacts in the ancient Mayan civilization. Obsidian is...
Saturday 10 June - Fair 'Toope Stoan' in the Blommenhof hall in Staden
De Tuin der Kunsten will not be open on Saturday 20 June because we are taking part in the Staden fair 'Toope Stoan' in the Blommenhof hall in Staden. Welcome from 4 pm to 8 pm! Free admission. Address: Guido...
Until Saturday 24 June - works by artist Katrien Fonteyne in the gallery
A brief introduction to Katrien and her works… I don't call myself an artist, but a creative person. I thereby appropriate a childlike freedom, which I see as an outgrowth of my work at school with the young children. I...
Tendens report on the mission and story of De Tuin der Kunsten
Exactly 2 weeks ago, the editors of Tendens visited me to map out my mission and story. They filmed in the art and decoration room of De Tuin der Kunsten. Then we went to a customer where I integrated numerous...
Story and mission in The Latest News
A reporter from Het Laatste Nieuws came by for an interview about my story from De Tuin der Kunsten. Read the article here.
Report of De Tuin der Kunsten on Kanaal Z
During the Christmas weekend of December 25-26 and 27, De Tuin der Kunsten came to Kanaal Z. In the extensive report you could see the art and exhibition space of De Tuin der Kunsten. And I told a few words...
Art and decoration advice at the two-star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges.
The Garden of the Arts: art and decoration advice at the two-star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges. At the two-star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges, I was commissioned to decorate their interior with authentic art, antiques and decoration. A combination,...
What is the difference between glass and crystal?

You undoubtedly know the trick with the finger, with which you can find out from the sound whether your wine glass is made of glass or crystal. But what exactly is the difference, and what is crystal glass?

What is glass
The main raw material for making glass is quartz. This is extracted from ordinary sand. By mixing mixed sand with lime and soda and heating it to over 2000 degrees, this mixture becomes liquid. When removed from the supply furnace,...
Combine colors
Combine colors. And especially to combine colors in the house, it is useful to know which colors go together. Discover a pinch of color theory and useful tips here! Which colors go together? Handy guide to combining colors at home....
Eclectic interior - some tips
Eclectic interior meaning: eclectic literally means “picking out the best” in your interior. So you pick exactly the better stuff from different styles that you think suit yourself. In the art world, eclectic means “combining features of different styles or...
Art film 'from Monet to Matisse'
Which modern painters were influenced by gardens? This year Kinepolis has subscribed to a few films from the art series of Seventh art productions. One of them is entitled 'Monet to Matisse'. The report was made in response to the...
Ben Wilson makes art from chewing gum on the street
Turn something ugly into something beautiful. Making works of art from disposables... It's possible... This is proven by the London artist Ben Wilson who makes miniature paintings of flattened chewing gums on the street. He travels around Europe to brighten...
Art is the everyday world around you...
Is it the big or the small K and C of art and culture? A study was conducted in a Dutch school to make culture more accessible to the students. They wanted to emphasize that culture cannot only be seen...
Vintage cars, art, wine... worth an investment?
Buy pieces out of passion that add color to your life! An interesting article in the latest ZO magazine: 'Vintage cars, art, wine... worth an investment?' Only the absolute toppers, the most expensive and most exclusive pieces, can become top...

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