My story about The Garden Of Arts

In 2014 I will start De Tuin der Kunsten. No surprise to those who know me. Following my imagination and creativity, the desire to discover and the love to collect. A 2005 trip with friends to Avignon visiting a local flea market is etched in my memory.

In 2013 I will start studying antiques. From then on I will look for objects that touch me every week. 1 year later, The Garden of the Arts is a fact. The Garden of the Arts is a derivative of 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' (Jheronimus Bosch). The garden represents a central place where all the arts come together and are connected.

I start buying & selling authentic items. I follow my heart in this. The Garden of the Arts is evolving into a place where art connects with interior. Where the aesthetic & authentic come together, where color & texture form one whole. Accessible and affordable for everyone.

You can go there to buy / rent art or art and decoration advice tailored to your needs . The character of objects is more important than perfection.

In the collages you experience how I can read different objects and connect them into one whole with a touch of humor. Objects with color, character & sometimes a corner. Together they are in harmony and bring peace to your interior


I come from a nest of self-employed people. Entrepreneurship is in my blood. Hard work and social contact are paramount. Imagination and creativity have played an important role all my life. I like collecting. My book collection now numbers 12,000, with the first book 'Antiques from the Low Countries'. I like to explore. Travelling, reading and nature give me peace and energy.

'Maximalist in minimalism.'

I strive for a minimalist lifestyle, but with a twist. It's about finding the perfect balance between simplicity and expression, consciously choosing a minimalist interior, but with a bold and vibrant style. This maximalist approach adds playful elements, colorful accents and eye-catching decorative items to add personality and character to the minimalist space. By experimenting with textures, patterns and bold contrasts, I create a unique and vibrant atmosphere that is both calming and inspiring. It's all about finding beauty in simplicity, while still staying true to your own creative expression.


Two-star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges.

At the two-star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges, I was commissioned to decorate their interior with authentic art, antiques and decoration. A combination, a collage of 7 modern and classic paintings, was hung here. Taking into account the elements present: color of the walls, color of the floor,... a unity was created in the interior. Which made the room warm and cozy.

Some customers speak


Collected from the seller. Painting in accordance with description, so excellent, excellent and honest seller. Compliments!

The Netherlands

I went to collect the object from the person. Very friendly and honest person. Definitely recommended to buy!


Netter, freundlicher Verkäufer. Problemless Abholung mit teilweiser Mithilfe beim Verladen. True gefallt mir gut.


Smooth service. New works available every week. Highly recommended.


Objet conforme à l'achat et en parfait état. Très bien emballé et protégé pour le transport. Livraison recue selon la planification. Tres bon donc.



Blijf op de hoogte van de handel en wandel in De Tuin Der Kunsten.