Samenwerking met kunstenaar Marc Rubenska & Maydayscuriousgallery

Collaboration with artist Marc Rubenska & Maydayscuriousgallery

We are pleased to announce that from now on we have a great collaboration with with works of art by Marc Rubenska.
Follow our website and see which works of art we have by the artist Marc Rubenska.

Marc Rubenska , the artist whose creations bear an unmistakable stamp, is not only colorful, but also limitlessly versatile. From dynamic street art to mesmerizing pointillism and vibrant floral and beachy still lifes, Rubenska 's work is like a visual manifesto of his unique signature. In his art not only color comes to life, but also vibrancy and energy, making every viewer more than happy.

As a seasoned professional photographer , Rubenska has already left an indelible impression and gained fame in the art world. Nevertheless, he felt an inner calling, an urge from his artistic child that lay dormant deep within him. This inner fire led him to his inspiring slogan: " The child within the adult that blossoms again. " A mantra that embodies not only his art, but also his creative journey - a journey on which Rubenska blossoms again and allows his youthful creativity to fully blossom come.

It is no coincidence that people who hang a Rubenska on their wall experience not only an explosion of color, but also a touch of 'bling bling' that lifts their spirits. Rubenska's artworks serve as a source of joy, with each brushstroke contributing to a harmonious interplay of colors and shimmering details. It is an invitation to see the world through Rubenska 's eyes, a world where happiness lies in every nuance and every sparkle.