Levendige harmonie - Het combineren van appelblauwzeegroen, geel en oranje in je interieur

Vibrant harmony - Combining apple blue sea green, yellow and orange in your interior

The world of interior design is all about finding the perfect balance between colors, textures and patterns. A bold but beautiful combination that is gaining more and more attention is that of apple blue sea green, yellow and orange. These vibrant colors can instantly transform a space and add a sense of energy and joy. Here are some tips to combine these colors harmoniously in your interior:

1. Start with a base color

Choose one of the three colors as the basic tone for the room. For example, apple blue sea green can provide a fresh and calming base, while yellow is a vibrant and stimulating choice. Orange brings warmth and vitality to the room. Use this color as a starting point for the walls, floors or large pieces of furniture.

2. Add accent colors

Use the other two colors as accents to add contrast and depth to the room. For example, yellow and orange can be used for cushions, decorative accessories, works of art or carpets. These accents provide a playful and lively appearance.

3. Play with textures

Experiment with different textures to add visual interest to the interior. Think of soft velvet cushions in yellow, a knitted blanket in orange tones or an apple blue sea green ceramic vase. Textures add depth to the space and make it inviting and cozy.

4. Keep it balanced

Make sure that the three colors are evenly distributed throughout the room to create a balanced and harmonious whole. Avoid excessive use of any of the colors, unless you consciously opt for a bold statement.

5. Experiment and be creative

Combining colors is a personal and creative experience, so don't be afraid to experiment and express your own style. Try different shades of apple blue sea green, yellow and orange to see which ones suit your interior best.

By combining apple blue sea green, yellow and orange in your interior, you create a lively and inviting environment that radiates positive energy. With the right balance and creativity you can transform a space into a place where you really feel at home. Be inspired by the interior compositions of De Tuin Der Kunsten and bring your interior to life with this colorful combination!