Happy customers and employees

Most companies have sterile spaces with no personality. It has been scientifically proven that art makes you happy and has a healing effect. Company employees spend a lot of time at work. That is why a pleasant workplace is necessary. It is also a remedy against absenteeism because employees prefer to come to work if their working environment is special and feels like home.

Art and decoration subscription

I will furnish the desired space(s) for your company. That is why the art and decoration subscription of De Tuin Der Kunsten is ideal. Because as a manager you don't have to worry. I will install everything and pick it up a year later. Interested in art and decoration for your business spaces? Then book a free introductory meeting. I am happy to advise you.

Why is an art and decoration subscription interesting?

During the desired time, the desired space will be decorated with art and decoration.

A unique space that will stand out to your customers.

Everything in unity. As an interior composer I bring everything into harmony, taking into account the existing space.

Less absenteeism among employees because art and decoration make people happy. They feel at home.

Everything is placed and retrieved again.

Making business spaces attractive is also tax deductible.

Interested in art and decoration for your business spaces?

Book a free introductory meeting here . I am happy to advise you. Feel free to take a look at our collection . Each item is available for rent on a weekly basis.




Netter, freundlicher Verkäufer. Problemless Abholung mit teilweiser Mithilfe beim Verladen. True gefallt mir gut.


Collected from the seller. Painting in accordance with description, so excellent, excellent and honest seller. Compliments!

The Netherlands

Objet conforme à l'achat et en parfait état. Très bien emballé et protégé pour le transport. Livraison recue selon la planification. Tres bon donc.


Smooth service. New works available every week. Highly recommended.


I went to collect the object from the person. Very friendly and honest person. Definitely recommended to buy!



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