Nice resin table lamp

Nice resin table lamp


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Welcome to The Garden of the Arts, where you will find the most beautiful and inspiring works of art and design objects. We proudly present a beautiful resin table lamp. This unique piece appears to consist of small pearls that hang together to form a charming and playful whole.

Measuring 14 x 10 x 23 cm, this table lamp is a stylish and functional addition to your living space. The lampshade has a rectangular shape, which gives a modern and sleek look to the whole. The lamp is in good condition and is ready to enrich your interior with its unique charm and atmospheric lighting.

This special table lamp is part of a carefully curated interior composition by De Tuin Der Kunsten , which emphasizes its exclusivity and artistic value.

At De Tuin Der Kunsten we invite you to come and admire this unique design piece in person in our gallery in Staden.

Integrating art and design into your interior has a positive influence on your living environment and brings a feeling of joy and inspiration. At De Tuin Der Kunsten we not only offer beautiful works of art and design objects, but also affordable options, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits that art and design bring.

Come by and be enchanted by the enchanting charm and unique appearance of this resin table lamp at De Tuin Der Kunsten, where art and design enrich your interior and your life.


Artist: De Tuin Der Kunsten
Colors: White
Dimensions: 14x10x23cm
Dimensions with frame:
Frame material:
State: Good state
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