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Art does not always have to be expensive or unattainable. You can also evoke a fantastic feeling with both yourself and the guests you receive with affordable art. The most important parameter is therefore not the price, but the feeling that the work evokes when it is integrated into your interior. Affordable art is therefore a very interesting investment in quality of life. And now tell yourself, isn't that the most important thing?

What is Affordable Art?

We speak of affordable art or affordable decoration/curiosities when the price is below EUR 1000. This is of course a fairly rough estimate, but it gives you a first idea of ​​the prices you can expect.

Within affordable art, there is once again quite a distinction to be made on the basis of budget. For example, paintings and tableaux will generally be larger objects, and will therefore be sold at a higher price. Ceramics and glassware, on the other hand, are particularly accessible pieces, which are often already available for a few tens of euros.

Finally, the decorative value of a work or object also plays a role. For example, unique pieces or hard-to-find curios are often priced a little more expensive, because there is no comparable object on the market, and the search is therefore quite difficult or complex.

Renting art as an alternative

Many people don't think about it or don't know the concept, but you don't always have to buy art yourself. You can also choose to rent art or decorative objects. Companies in particular (such as brokers or real estate offices and restaurants or hotels) make grateful use of this. In recent years, however, we have seen that this trend is also spreading to the private market. Since the global corona pandemic, people have become more aware of their home situation, and they also want to invest more in it. One of the phenomena that we see within the market is that people want to change elements of their interior more frequently as a result.

Affordable art naturally lends itself perfectly to this phenomenon, because the freely accessible purchase price enables you to add new objects to your collection on a regular basis. Those who wish can of course also opt for the rental of art objects, which makes it even easier to exchange elements in your home and thus give your living room a new twist at regular intervals.

Why buy affordable art?

We advise all our customers to invest in art and decorative objects that they like to see in the first place. Finally, you often buy an art object to look at it for a long time. It is therefore important that the piece fits your personal taste and style, and that you can use it in different ways. By this we mean that you should keep in mind that works of art come into their own when they are combined with a few other pieces. Just think of a beautiful painting on the wall, with some decorative ceramics or core colored glassware in the same color tones.

It is therefore best not to see affordable art as a financial investment. Buying art in order to resell it later for a substantial additional price is a job that you better leave to passionate art dealers or art historians, with a solid knowledge of the market. There are dozens of different aspects that can determine the price (increase) of a work of art, that this is truly specialist work. You therefore better see the purchase of affordable works of art as an investment in quality of life. And let's be honest, that's just as important, isn't it?

Buy affordable art for businesses

Companies have also found their way to the purchase of affordable art in recent years. Think, for example, of brokers, real estate agencies or project developers who want to give an extra touch to their show home. Studies have shown that art and decoration in a home that is for sale has a positive effect on the speed at which a property is sold. It is therefore not uncommon for the buyer of a property to immediately inquire about the purchase price of the works of art that hang or stand there. Do you also want to get this effect? Then you can rely on our advice to put together a package of works that can get the most out of a space.

Companies that want to focus on employee happiness have also come to the right place at De Tuin Der Kunsten. By bringing art and decorative objects into your office, you create a pleasant, homely atmosphere. After all, your employees often spend 40 hours or more per week in an office. It is therefore important that you make this space an inspiring, stress-free environment.

Buy affordable art at auction

The advantages of buying art at auction:

- Often large collections around one specific theme

- Regularly new pieces on sale

- Many different auction rooms, so a lot of choice

- Sometimes you can take a hit and buy an item below the going price

The disadvantages of buying art at auction:

- Bidding, so often higher prices than the market dictates

- A lot of competition from other candidates

- You have to move to the auction room every time

- If the predetermined price is not reached, the piece is withheld

- No certainty that you will have the piece when you want it

- Often extra auction costs (up to 15% on the purchase price)

Where to buy affordable art?

At De Tuin Der Kunsten we offer a wide range of different art pieces, decorative objects and curiosities. You choose online from our collection of literally hundreds of different pieces, from the comfort of your easy chair. This gives you ample time to check which pieces you would like to combine in order to make your house a real home with a unique, personal touch.

Don't you find it so easy to get started with combining different objects? Even then there is no problem: we are happy to advise and assist you in combining different pieces, colors and textures so that they match the style you have in mind. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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