Affordable art

Art brings life into your home and gives a soul to your home. However, many people never consider purchasing art or decorative objects because they fear a high purchase price. However, there is a very broad market of particularly budget-friendly art objects available. Of course it sometimes takes a bit of searching, but even with a limited budget you can bring a lot of color into your interior. We'll give you some tips to get hold of affordable art.

What is Affordable Art?

There is no arguing about tastes and colors, and actually that is also somewhat the case for prices. What is extremely pricey to one person will only represent an average cost to another person. Art is the market par excellence where much can be said about the price of a work. It is sometimes said that you should first of all like to see a work of art and then determine for yourself what that work may cost you. And determining that price, that is not so easy. Fortunately, there are also some guidelines that we can give you to estimate the cost price of an art object.

Generally speaking, we speak of affordable art when it comes to works with a maximum price of around EUR 1000. The final price you pay depends on several factors. Below we list the most important price-determining elements for you:

- In general, things like ceramics are very accessible entry points into the world of art. You can often buy very decorative ceramic objects for a few tens of euros.

- Glassware and dishes are also very budget-friendly and, moreover, useful options for those who want to start discovering the world of art and decoration.

- Paintings and tableaus can often be found in the higher segment of this price category. Since the new price for a painting of 1x1 meter quickly amounts to EUR 3000 or more, this is of course not surprising. On the second-hand or resale market, however, you can often find paintings that are valued somewhere between 300 and 1200 EUR.

- There are paintings on the market that are sold at lower prices. This often concerns works of art that were not signed or works by unknown artists.

- Would you like a work of art on your wall, but are the above prices not within your budget? Even then there is a solution! Prints, photography and lithographs of works of art often show the same style of imaging, but you can buy them for a lot cheaper.

Finally, there are also numerous works of art on the market whose decorative value determines the final sales price. Here people mainly look for elements that match each other, or that can make a statement in their interior for an accessible budget.

Affordable art at home

Although many people see it as an investment, art is primarily something to add color to your life. More than any other form, affordable art is therefore suitable for turning your house into a real home and thoroughly brightening up the rooms. For example, a unique painting in your living room can be a real conversation starter for when you have friends over. Or your office gets an extra, professional dimension through the artistic decoration that can be found there.

If you want to bring affordable art into your home, De Tuin Der Kunsten is the place to be. Customers who are looking for a budget-friendly art or decorative object receive three tips from us. First: always buy art or a decorative object that you like to see yourself. Second: dare to use color! And finally: the key is in the combination. The best results for your interior are obtained by combining various decorative pieces with each other.

Buy art you like

The first tip is perhaps the most important: make sure that all art objects you purchase match your personal taste. Purchasing art purely as an investment is not for everyone and requires a solid knowledge of the market. So you better choose to invest your money in objects with a high decorative value, which you can enjoy day after day. Who said that real wealth is not money?

Buy colorful art

It seems to be an almost insurmountable trend in interior design these days: white, black and beige tones dominate just about every home or interior. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But this fairly minimalist trend ensures that there is little personality and cachet in an interior. Now say for yourself: nothing is weirder than visiting friends and recognizing the same furniture or decorative objects? By investing in affordable art tailored to your home, you ensure a real home that can only be yours. You will see: before you know it, the compliments will pour in!

Buy affordable art

Another golden rule applies to the purchase of affordable art: buy from a reliable art dealer with a proven track record. The Garden of the Arts was founded a few years ago by Charlotte Beernaert. In addition to being a qualified antique dealer, Charlotte is tried and tested in the world of color and interior. She has been closely involved in both ceramics and interior design for more than 10 years, and is therefore very familiar with the cream of Belgian interior architecture. Like no other she knows how to use color to personalize clients' interiors. In this way, each space becomes a unique statement from the person it is intended to reflect.

With De Tuin Der Kunsten, Charlotte started a new project, specifically to make it easier to find and purchase colorful, decorative and, above all, affordable art objects. Because more and more companies also found their way to De Tuin Der Kunsten, the range was expanded with art and decorative objects that are made available for rental. Anyone who is not sure which objects would fit in his or her interior or is looking for sound decoration advice can also call on Charlotte's expertise. She then makes a selection of different objects that, when combined, give an extra personal touch to the interior.

Tips for finding affordable art

We list the most important tips for those who want to buy affordable art. Do you have a specific question or are you looking for one specific type of work? Please feel free to contact us. We'd love to see what we can do for you!

- First of all, always buy art that you like.

- Ceramics and glassware are often financially accessible starters in the world of art and decoration.

- Buy works from a reliable dealer, such as De Tuin Der Kunsten.

- Buy paintings by unknown artists, or paintings without a signature.

- Art objects on the second-hand or resale market always have accessible prices.

- Is the purchase of a work of art still too expensive? Then you can consider renting.