Collage 13 - De Tuin Der Kunsten

Collage 13


      Interior collage of art and decoration in purple, green, black, red and yellow.

      Discover a vibrant interior composition in purple, green, black, red and yellow in our webshop! This playful combination of colors brings a lively and energetic atmosphere to any room.

      This interior combination is mainly about the play between purple and green, creating a dynamic contrast. The beige color, which is subtly reflected in the elongated contemporary painting and in the wooden mini workbench, provides a harmonious balance in the whole.

      From the playful black and red to the vibrant yellow, each color adds its own character and charm to the composition, creating a captivating and versatile mix.

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      If you scroll further down, you will see the separate art objects that belong to this interior combination . If interior items no longer appear, they have already been sold.