Collage 67

Collage 67


      Interior collage in red, black and white.

      Create a harmonious and stylish interior with this beautiful composition in red, black and white. This interior collage combines various works of art and decorative objects into a coherent whole that immediately attracts attention and enriches your living space.

      Surreal drawing by Mirko Zec Discover the fascinating "Surreal drawing" by the talented artist Mirko Zec. This daring and intriguing composition from 1986, signed by the artist himself, shows a surrealistic representation of a lady with bare breasts. Executed in black, red and light blue, the work creates a striking contrast that is both visually appealing and emotionally charged.

      Ceramic set by Jean Austruy We proudly present a beautiful ceramic set by the talented artist Jean Austruy. Jean Austruy (November 24, 1910 - November 2012), born in the south of France, graduated from art school in Paris and left a lasting impression in the world of ceramics with his work. The set consists of two pots with lids and two handles each, in a timeless and elegant design. The dimensions of the pots are 23 x 27 x 14 cm and 22 x 18 x 11 cm, which makes them perfect for different applications and spaces in your interior.

      Tile table and white plinth This composition also includes a charming tiled table and white plinth, which together provide a balance of color and height in your space. The tiled table provides a practical and stylish addition, while the white base provides a perfect place for displaying works of art or decorative objects.

      Wooden Asian pot in burgundy red A striking element in this collage is the wooden Asian pot in a beautiful burgundy red. This pot adds a warm and rich color to the composition and contributes to the dynamic appearance of the whole.

      Unique combination of objects This carefully composed interior collage is a perfect mix of art and decoration, with each component contributing to a coherent and aesthetically pleasing whole. Whether you are a lover of modern art, ceramics, or decorative objects, this collage offers a versatile and stylish addition to your interior.


      • Surrealistic drawing by Mirko Zec, signed and dated 1986
      • Set of 2 ceramic pots by Jean Austruy
      • Tile table
      • White base
      • Wooden Asian pot in burgundy red

      Bring a touch of dynamic art and refined decoration into your home with this unique interior collage. Visit our webshop or visit the gallery of De Tuin Der Kunsten and experience for yourself how this composition can take your living space to a higher level.

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