Wat is het verschil tussen glas en kristal? - De Tuin Der Kunsten

What is the difference between glass and crystal?

Glass or crystal?

You undoubtedly know the trick with the finger, with which you can find out from the sound whether your wine glass is made of glass or crystal. But what exactly is the difference, and what is crystal glass?

With crystal, the lime in the mixture has been replaced by lead. In the 17th century it was discovered in England that by adding lead during the melting process, the glassware becomes softer. This makes it easier to work with, which gives the glassblower or artist more time to shape the crystal. It is also a lot easier to grind afterwards than ordinary glass. The addition of lead has increased the clarity of the material, which wine connoisseurs naturally appreciate. Not to mention the beautiful sound when sounding. Another trick to test your wine glass: if you tap it gently, it will sing crystal clear “ping” . Unfortunately, glass does not get any further than a simple "pok".

There is also crystal glass, which is also very popular for wine glasses. According to the law, glass may only be called crystal if it consists of at least 10% lead. A lead content of at least 30% then produces lead crystal, as we know Swarovski. When this is cut, it takes on the sparkle and brilliance reminiscent of diamond.