Wat is glas - De Tuin Der Kunsten

What is glass

The main raw material for making glass is quartz. This is extracted from ordinary sand. By mixing mixed sand with lime and soda and heating it to over 2000 degrees, this mixture becomes liquid. When removed from the supply furnace, this liquid glass rapidly cools and hardens. In this intermediate phase, it is perfectly workable: it can be poured into molds or blown into the desired shape.

By adding dyes during this process, the glass gets the color that the artist or glassworker had in mind.

Timeless splendor

The traditional production of glass art objects is a trade that is thousands of years old. Given its rarity, glass was immediately elevated to an exclusive material and we can already find glass design and glass art vases back then.

Excavations have shown that the ancient Egyptian priests produced glass mugs, ampoules and cones as early as the fourth century BC. Ancient Egypt is the cradle of glass art, after which the technique slowly spread throughout the Mediterranean.

A few hundred years later, the Romans picked up glass art and ensured its further distribution, also to our regions.

A glass artist has mastered the techniques and treatments that make glass shine in all its fascinating splendour. The works are disarming, powerful and mysterious. Objects in glass give a touch of timeless class to all interior styles. Each piece is a unique, handcrafted design element that enhances any space.