Nog tot zaterdag 24 juni - werken van kunstenares Katrien Fonteyne in de galerij - De Tuin Der Kunsten

Until Saturday 24 June - works by artist Katrien Fonteyne in the gallery

A brief introduction to Katrien and her works…

I don't call myself an artist, but a creative person. I thereby appropriate a childlike freedom, which I see as an outgrowth of my work at school with the young children.

I recycle magazines and books. I use it to make collages. I often use a background from a book or comic. I stick this on canvas or I frame it, whereby the frame is also provided with a collage.

The end result is a puzzle of colors and cutouts. I play with what you can see and what you think you see. If you look at a collage in detail, you notice other things than from afar.

My last source of inspiration is the Italian costume drama : 'La legge di Lidia Poet'. The first Italian lawyer. The film adaptation of her perseverance, her knowledge and charm, her vanity and frivolous clothing pays tribute to women.

That's why I also want to use the word 'DROPPED UP' as a guideline for my collection of works.

Dressed up in the sense of 'showing off' what one knows and can do, 'showing off' what one possesses. 'Seduce' in the great sense of the word.

Linde 6B
8840 Staden
West Flanders

To visit at:
- Saturday, June 3
- Saturday, June 17
- Saturday, June 24
from 2 pm to 6 pm.