Kunstfilm 'van Monet tot Matisse' - De Tuin Der Kunsten

Art film 'from Monet to Matisse'

Which modern painters were influenced by gardens?

This year Kinepolis has subscribed to a few films from the art series of Seventh art productions. One of them is entitled 'Monet to Matisse'. The report was made in response to the exhibition in London in which modern artists were brought together to get an idea of the influence gardens had on their works. From Impressionism to Fauvism.

In particular, Monet (France), Bonard (France), Le Sidaner (France), Liebermann (Germany), Nolde (Germany) and Sorolla (Spain) were featured. Most of these painters were avid gardeners who saw horticulture as a culture that connects science and art. Tania Kovats , a contemporary artist who is also influenced by horticulture, shares her thoughts on her predecessors.