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Combine colors

Combine colors. And especially to combine colors in the house, it is useful to know which colors go together. Discover a pinch of color theory and useful tips here!

Which colors go together? Handy guide to combining colors at home.

Are you planning to furnish your home? Do you want to restyle your current interior? Do you want to let a breath of fresh air blow through a room or do you want to discover what your style is? You can't ignore it: sooner or later you will come across the element of color.

Of course you want a harmonious, cozy interior as the end result. Which colors can you combine? We are happy to explain that for you in scents and colors.

Colors that match

Combining colors at home is an art in itself. Your walls, your carpet, your sofa, your art objects. They all bring their individuality, appearance and atmosphere. In places where all these components enter into a melodic dialogue with each other, that special feeling of home naturally arises.

Often you already have a preference or a basic element with which you want to mix and match. Then it is useful to know which colors go together. Which color suits my gray interior? Which color goes with blue? How can I combine old pink in my interior?

Before you start fiddling with brushes and color samples, I'd like to give you some handy color advice. In this blog I will completely immerse you in color. This way you can confidently make fantastic color combinations at the end of your reading. Here we go!

The color circle

Let's start at the beginning: the color wheel. In the middle you will find the three basic colors: yellow, red and blue. By mixing the colors of this circle you can in principle create all imaginable colors.

What about black and white then? They are not on it. Why not? Because they are not actually 'real' colors. White is all colors together, black is the lack of color. In the dark, in the absence of light, there is no color to be seen. White, on the other hand, includes all colours. When the sunlight is refracted (in a glass of water, in a rainbow, ...) you see all the colors.

You can mix black and white to your heart's content and combine them with the colors from the color wheel. Do you want to play it safe? Then add a touch of color to white or black. Something more adventurous in nature? Then you can combine colors with colors.

1. Combining intermediate colors and complementary colors

When we mix the three basic colors or primary colors, we get the so-called secondary colors: green, orange and purple = the intermediate colors.

These will be placed in the second layer of the circle opposite yellow other color: orange opposite blue, green opposite red, purple opposite color. Because they have nothing in common, they create a beautiful contrast.

We also call these combinations complementary colors, because they reinforce each other if you combine them correctly.

You get the best result if you use a lot of one color, with fine accents of the other. Complementary colors make each other pop and therefore always give an energetic combination in your interior.

You can also opt for split-complementary color combinations in your interior. You use a base color and two variants in an opposite shade. For example, the color blue fits orange and mustard yellow. Striking, but not lavish. These colors also look great with neutral grey.

2. Combining contrasting colors

You can achieve contrast in your interior in different ways. Playing with light and dark is one of them: you place a light shade next to a dark colour. Your gaze is immediately drawn to the light color, making it more prominent.

This way you create a kind of optical illusion. A light floor and ceiling with dark walls make a room appear higher. The reverse also applies, so that you can make your room appear optically wider. Handy to know in small spaces, city apartments or student rooms. By creating a light/dark contrast in your interior, you also give it some relief, which can break through the large surfaces and thus have a playful result.

You can also use these tricks for your accessories. Dark cushions in a light sofa give an elegant, striking look. Lighting up a dark wall with a bright art object, painting or wall ornament also shows timeless class. This way you gracefully put your favorite work of art in the spotlight.

3.Ton-sur-ton interior: mixing with black and white

Another popular way of combining colors is using harmonizing colors together. You can find them close together on the color wheel. For example, the color green goes beautifully with turquoise, and pink with purple.

You will certainly get this balanced effect if you use ton-sur-ton shades. You then take the same base color that you apply in different ways. Depending on the material, you get a different light reflection on each item, creating a unique effect.

Combining different shades of one color also gives a uniform whole. By adding more or less black and white, the color decreases in intensity, but you do give her a special cachet. Just think of the trendy interior colors gray green or old pink. Because they contain a certain addition of black, white or gray, old pink goes beautifully with gray.

By turning the color wheel to your heart's content, you can discover beautiful, surprising and inspiring color combinations for your interior. The rule is simple: the closer the colors match, the calmer your combination. The further apart the shades are, the busier. It is up to you to determine which atmosphere you want to create in which room.

Playing off warm and cold tones

Each color has, as it were, a kind of 'wind chill', an experience that our brain perceives as cool or warm. The warm colors are yellow and red, while green, blue and purple are seen as cold. Combinations of both give yet another optical illusion, in which the warm color comes to the fore.

What type of colors do you choose for your interior? To do this, it is best to first look at the function of the room. For an active space such as your entrance hall or kitchen, it is best to bring some alertness and freshness to life. So it is best to combine cold colors here. Supplemented with warmer accents that you let come back in well-thought-out accessories, you bring the room to life.

For an active space such as your entrance hall or kitchen, it is best to bring some alertness and freshness to life. So it is best to combine cold colors here. Supplemented with warmer accents that you let come back in well-thought-out accessories, you bring the room to life.

Be sure to take into account the incidence of light in the room in question. Is there a lot or little natural light coming in? North-oriented light makes every color a little cooler, southern light blows some warmth back into them.

blog about interior colors 2021 and warm and cozy atmosphere. Are you looking for a beautiful eye-catcher to complete your colorful interior? Then be sure to take a look at our extensive art collection !