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Eclectic interior - some tips

Eclectic interior meaning: eclectic literally means “picking out the best” in your interior. So you pick exactly the better stuff from different styles that you think suit yourself. In the art world, eclectic means “combining features of different styles or movements into a graceful whole”.

So you make a combination of modern and older style elements. This produces a special, individualistic and often daring result. You make a statement, as it were: this is me, this is what I stand for, this reflects my personality.

The good news: in an eclectic interior there are actually no rules. However, we would like to give you a number of useful tips, so that it does not become a mess.

"You really make your house your home by combining those elements that YOU carefully chose from all the beautiful things that can be found there. That is also a style: eclectic."

An eclectic interior = personal and unique

A classic living style (think of modern, rural, Scandinavian) always has a number of 'regulations'. The great thing about an eclectic style is that you can choose items from all available repertoires. You definitely don't have to limit yourself to new stuff - on the contrary! The most unique eye-catchers can be found in art dealers, second-hand shops or on markets. Here you often unexpectedly come across unsung gems. Beautiful things that are ready for a second or third life.

The “unique” aspect is perhaps the most important pillar of an eclectic interior. You don't want a ready-made living space that has been copied straight from a showroom, you want an interior that no one else has. You put that together by daring to color outside the lines and looking beyond what is mass produced. Handmade, authentic objects, of which only one exists. Just like yourself.

How do I create an eclectic interior?

TIP 1: Tastefully choose and decorate your interior in a cozy way

There is one important point of attention when putting together your unique eclectic interior: cohesion. The key to success with this formula lies in the careful selection of exceptional elements. An ill-considered, random collecting frenzy or quickly packed giveaways quickly takes on a studentish or tasteless appearance. This style is all about subtly combining old with modern, ethnic with sleek.

Look for ways to unite different style features through a color scheme or materials that you use in multiple places. For example, you can choose to work around one color tone (different accents in blue, orange, gold, ...) or to work with the same material here and there (metal elements, silver ornaments, ...). By working with this repetition you bring peace to the whole.

TIP 2: Eclectic interior colors

In this living style you can basically use any color you prefer. You can play with color combinations. Here too, the rule is: don't overdo it. By throwing together too many different 'present' dominant items and colors you don't know where to look first and you end up with a chaotic whole. You can avoid this by adding a resting point here and there: a plain element, a timeless seating area, working around one accent colour. Then you can add elements that contrast with it and play with motifs. By working with a number of basic colors per room, you maintain a sense of cohesion and unity.

Because you are going to combine shapes, structures and styles, the look 'messy' is dangerously lurking. A good tip: limit yourself to a maximum of four colors , which are not all equally dominant. A highly eclectic interior may (or must?) consist of a colorful whole.

For example: burgundy colored walls - wooden floor and accents in the paintings present. Or: water blue walls - anthracite-colored floor - white details and ocher yellow as an accent color. Or: dark blue color with golden accents. An immense number of combinations are possible.

Would you like to read more about successful color combinations for your interior? Then also read this blog! (*link to “Combining colours”*).

TIP 3: Create depth and warmth by mixing styles

You certainly don't have to limit yourself to one style, an eclectic interior is based on that. At first glance, unusual combinations such as industrial with ethnic elements, wood with metals, rough and soft produce interesting scenes. Think, for example, of an exceptional oriental carpet under a sleek dining table that you decorate with a colorful art painting. Creating atmosphere, that's what it's all about.

When you deliberately keep your eye open for interior items that fully match your personality, you will by definition obtain a composition that is unique and interesting. By applying that principle you put a piece of yourself in your home. And humanity, that means warmth. You see that and you feel that. Everyone likes to come home to a warm nest or to visit. Cozy stay with the whole family, that may be a colorful mixed bag that is reflected in that environment. You create conversation topics, you invite people to explore, you add a personal touch to the room. This kind of interior creates connection.

TIP 4: Special eye-catchers

"Your interior only becomes really eclectic if you (whether or not systematically) add special items. Think of souvenirs from distant travels, vintage treasures that you found somewhere, a beautiful heirloom or that one carefully selected work of art."

Putting together this unique mix is ​​an exciting and relaxing process. Take your time to find out what you like, what fascinates and attracts you, what your inner preference is. Stay close to yourself and don't let yourself be guided too much by trends. They are always transient and not very original, so you always lose authenticity. This way of decorating requires a sense of adventure and a good dose of guts, but that's what makes it worthwhile. Look for quality, excitement and your own touch. Show who you are and surprise those around you with your courage.

Art should absolutely not be missing - especially in an eclectic interior. What kind of art? You decide that all by yourself. Look at art very broadly: not one but a number of well-combined paintings, a striking object in glass or concrete, a special lamp, ... With all these accessories you let your self-chosen color tones come back et voilà: you have a tasteful and harmonious whole.

Feel free to be inspired by our artworks in our gallery that make your interior more cozy! Or book an appointment here.