Many people see art as the easiest way to bring color or personality into their interior. With good reason, because colorful art is often also a very accessible way to brighten up your interior. Although there are many colorful art objects available on the market, in this article we focus on colorful paintings. We tell you which types of colorful paintings exist, and what we should pay attention to when purchasing them.


The name says it all of course. Colorful paintings are tableaus where the artist or artist has mainly used bright or vibrant colors. Think for example of shades of green, yellow, orange, red, blue or fuchsia. In most cases, several different colors are combined into a beautiful, artistic whole. Although this is certainly not always the case: you are probably familiar with the works of Yves Klein, the French monochromist. He developed a unique shade of blue that seems brighter than any other blue you've ever seen. His artworks almost exclusively use this colour, ultramarine or International Yves Klein Blue.


We don't have to look far at all if we want to list some artists of colorful works. Everyone is probably familiar with the colorful paintings by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian or Karel Appel. They all use bright, clear colors to reinforce their paintings and to give them a unique statement.

Of course it is not so obvious to just buy a Picasso and hang it on the wall in your home. On the one hand it is quite difficult to find such a painting, on the other hand the financial picture also plays a role. Such a painting by Picasso can quickly cost you several hundred thousand to millions of euros. A budget that not everyone just has in the closet. Fortunately, more accessible colorful paintings are also available. Beautiful works in oil paint, acrylic and watercolor that can make a statement in your interior. And the good news is: you often don't need more than a few hundred euros to purchase them.


Broadly speaking, we can divide painting into classical, modern and decorative works. You cannot say that one species is 'better' or 'more valuable' than the other. Finally, for him, art is still about the message and the feeling that the work evokes in you. Below we have listed the distinction between the different types of colorful art for you.


When we talk about classical colorful art, we don't necessarily think about the age of works, but mainly about what scene are portrayed in those works. Within the classical movements, for example, you will often find landscape images and portraits. Because both landscapes and portraits often do not contain particularly pronounced colors, you will not find very many colorful paintings in the classical movement. Of course there is again the exception that proves the rule. Just think of Van Gogh's sunflowers, which—although they form a realistic scene—depict a particularly colorful scene.


In the modern art movement we see very often very colorful scenes appear. Reality is, as it were, taken for granted, and the objects depicted are a reflection of the artist's eye. The Dutch Cobra painter Karel Appel, for example, is known for his numerous paintings of very colorful and abstract cats. In these works we see bright shades of yellow combined with pronounced green, bright red or warm orange. It goes without saying that these works of art are not enjoyed by everyone. Yet they have a very enthusiastic audience of enthusiasts.

Within contemporary painting we often also find modern colorful paintings. New, young and exceptionally talented artists give their view of the world in colorful palettes that always bear a clear signature. These colourful, modern tableaus do particularly well in sleek, modern interiors. Because shades of white and beige often predominate in those austere interiors, these works are a welcome change for the eye. They are therefore often used as a 'statement piece' or conversation starter. It is no coincidence that you often find these works in hotels, restaurants or other companies.


Those looking for colorful art often do so with a view to creating a more personal space. There are therefore numerous colorful art objects available that give a unique feeling to your home or living space for a low price. Colorful paintings by young, amateur or unknown artists who often do not have a great financial value, but can make a decorative statement.

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