Collage 66

Collage 66


      Interior collage in green, black and yellow

      At De Tuin Der Kunsten we proudly present an innovative and unique interior composition, where affordable art and authentic interior objects come together into a harmonious whole. This composition in the colors green, black and yellow radiates a timeless elegance and refinement, perfect for any interior.

      🔸 Vintage Afghan Hound : The image of the vintage Afghan Hound makes a striking and stylish focal point. This elegant piece adds a touch of nostalgia and class to the space.

      🔸 Authentic Green Velvet Lamp : The authentic green velvet lamp with green glass beads creates warm and atmospheric lighting. The luxurious materials and unique design make it a real eye-catcher.

      🔸 Vintage Painting : The vintage painting in yellow, gray, green and texture adds depth and character to the composition. The combination of colors and textures makes it a special and intriguing work of art.

      🔸 Fabric Paintings of Black Women : The three fabric paintings of black women are beautiful works of art that radiate strength and beauty. They add an artistic and cultural dimension to the space.

      This carefully curated interior composition is more than just a collection of objects; it is a harmonious whole that creates a feeling of balance and beauty. Each item has been carefully chosen to form an innovative and unique aesthetic.

      Come visit De Tuin Der Kunsten and be inspired by this beautiful interior composition. Discover how affordable art and authentic interior objects can together create an enchanting and harmonious atmosphere in your home.