Collage 64

Collage 64


      Interior collage in green, brown and red.

      🌿✨ Discover the Perfect Interior Collage in Green, Brown and Red ✨🌿

      Be enchanted by this unique interior collage, carefully composed by our interior composer . This beautiful collection consists of a green bronze statue in an organic shape, enriched with an elegant black marble base. The statue radiates peace and nature, while the marble base adds a touch of refinement.

      We also have a colorful and large painting, inspired by the lively works of Karel Appel. This artwork brings an explosion of color to your space, with its bold red tones that harmonize perfectly with the green and brown elements of the collage.

      This combination of artworks creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere that is both soothing and inspiring. Whether you're an art lover or want to freshen up your interior, this collage is sure to make a statement.

      Do you want to create more harmony in your interior? Then visit our gallery in Staden during opening hours or make an appointment for a personal consultation. Our door is always open to help you realize your dream interior.

      Looking forward to welcoming you! 🌟🏡

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