Collage 63

Collage 63


      Interior collage in green, gray and bronze color

      Discover the perfect harmony of nature and art with our latest interior composition in green, gray and bronze color. This beautiful collage combines Erik Saglia 's contemporary painting, an impressive untitled work from 2013. This large artwork (210x150 cm), signed on the back, is beautifully finished with epoxy, bringing the rich green tones to life.

      The green accents are stylishly complemented by authentic concrete works of art in the shape of leaves, which create a rustic and organic atmosphere. The refined dragonfly from D'Haeseleer provides a powerful and unique touch, which gives the whole an enchanting bronze-colored accent.

      This interior composition is a true eye-catcher that lifts any interior to a higher level. Perfect for lovers of modern art and natural elements. Be inspired by this unique combination and give your space an artistic and elegant look.

      Visit our gallery to admire these and other unique pieces. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you turn your interior into a true work of art. 🌿🖼️✨