Collage 60

Collage 60


      Interior collage in white and gray tones.

      🌿 Create an oasis of peace and harmony in your interior with this beautiful interior collage in white and gray tones! 🏡

      This carefully composed composition strikes a perfect balance between the serene white and the timeless elegance of gray tones. Every element, from the ceramic bird to Eric Vandamme's lithography and the hand-blown glass vase , contributes to the tranquil and harmonious atmosphere of the space.

      The ceramic bird, the signature work of De Tuin Der Kunsten, radiates a sense of peace and freedom, while Eric Vandamme's lithography adds a touch of refinement to the composition. The mouth-blown glass vase in dark gray adds a subtle but elegant touch to the whole.

      The white base acts as the connecting factor between the white and gray of the other art and decorative objects, giving the composition a sense of unity and coherence.

      Interior compositions from De Tuin Der Kunsten are not only a feast for the eyes, but also ensure more harmony and tranquility in your interior. If you have difficulty creating harmony in your interior, do not hesitate to book an introductory meeting for tailor-made advice.

      Bring balance and serenity to your home with this beautiful interior collage and transform your space into an oasis of peace and harmony.

      More information about the art and decoration objects can be found under the photos.